Leveraging Power through Leadership Development:

Meet the 2021 Cohort!

NSRH seeks to cultivate a diverse community of nurse leaders in sexual and reproductive health (SRH) who come from the communities they serve and represent the patients that are seeking their care. In order to do this, we know we must address the lack of diversity we see in nursing education and the sector at large.

In 2021, we launched a Fellowship program to provide targeted resources and support to a cohort of historically excluded nurses in our Network (especially Black, Indigenous and Latinx) to help them fulfill their leadership goals. The Fellowship cohort is comprised of students who:

  • Attend an ADN or LPN program, and/or
  • Attend an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), HSI (Hispanic Serving Institutions), or TCU (Tribal Colleges and Universities), and/or
  • Attend a University or program in an underrepresented region, and/or
  • Represent an underrepresented group within the sector, and
  • Are interested in developing themselves as nurse leaders in SRH by either starting NSRH Chapters or leading other relevant efforts on their campuses.                       
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The Karen Edlund (KE) Future Nurse Leader Fellowship fuels nursing students to leverage their power and become leaders in SRH, reproductive rights (RR) and Reproductive Justice (RJ). We believe that through intentional support and development of historically excluded nurses, we can shift the power structure of nursing and transform healthcare to not only include but celebrate sexual and reproductive health.

Over the course of six months, Fellows will gain:

  • Understanding of SRH, RJ, and RR                                            
  • Professional & leadership skills

  • Relationships with key SRH providers and advocates

  • Skills, tools, and resources for navigating the healthcare system and challenging white supremacy


During the six-month period, Fellows commit to 3 hours/week* of study and action. This will include virtual events and webinars, peer-to-peer discussion, professional development coaching sessions, and individualized study through the NSRH Online Institute. 


Applications for Year 2 open in March, 2022! Check out our Application Guide.
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